The Power of Intention

Intention is defined as "a thing intended; an aim or plan" or as it pertains to medicine, "the healing of a wound" according to Oxford Dictionaries. I think intention could potentially heal emotional wounds as well as physical ones. There has been quite a lot of talk and research done as it pertains to thoughts manifesting into things. Intention plays a role in this thinking.

If you are looking for a change in your life (or an emotional/physical healing), you must think about what change you'd like to occur as well as how that change could feasibly be accomplished. In essence, you are setting an intention.

For example, let's assume for a moment you recently ended a relationship. Your heart is broken and you want your heart to heal so that you are open to love again. Your intention is to feel whole again and to be able to love once. To do this you must work through the hurt you feel at the present moment. Your intention would perhaps be "I will honor what was, will accept what is and will open my heart to find love again."

Like most things in life, those that are worth doing require hard work. Everything that happens in your life has a purpose. You may not see it through the clouds of pain or heartbreak, but the sun is always shining on the other side of the darkness. You just need to keep pressing forward with your chin up, heart full and the warmth of the sun will shine down on you once more.


*This post was written in honor of my sis in PA...<3.

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