Winter Skin Saver


Winter is on the horizon...and with it snow, cozy fires, hunkering down with a good book and perhaps a glass of wine. Unfortunately, this can cause damage to our skin.  Who wants that, right?!?  When you spend most of your time either outside in cold dry air to then return to the indoors and warm dry air, it wreaks absolute havoc on your skin.

To stave off the effects of winter dryness, moisturizing is key!  According to the experts at along with Barbara Close, founder and president of Naturopathica Holistic Health and author of Well Being: Rejuvenating Recipes for Body and Soul, there are some simple things you can do using products that are easily obtainable from your local grocery store or online, one of which is a simple combination of oils that will help moisturize and protect your face.  

Mix equal parts of avocado oil and evening primrose oil in a sealed container. Be sure to cleanse your face before applying.  Take 5-6 drops of the oil mixture and massage into skin and place a warm washcloth over your face for a minute.  

You are now ready to face the cold and wind of the outdoors as well as the dry heat indoors. Doesn’t get much simpler! And don't forget sunscreen...even in the winter.

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