What You Need to Know if You Use a Cell Phone

The following is an excerpt from an article on Elephant Journal by Dr. John Douillard:

"All electronics, including cell phones, emit microwave electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Living organisms generate their own electromagnetic field at a cellular, tissue, organ and organism level called a “biofield.” Studies suggest that low dose EMR exposure can slow the growth cycle of beneficial microbes and alter healthy cell divisions. (4,5)

According to the late EMR expert, Dr. George Carlo, who did some of the original research on the safety of cells phones, cell phones generate two types of electromagnetic radiation fields. These are called near and far-field plumes. The far-field plumes are generated from the cell phone tower to the phone and are thought to dissipate in the environment, although new research is suggesting otherwise. (1)

The near-field plume is generated by the phone itself and is thought to be the most harmful. The near-field radiation can penetrate up to 5-6 inches from the cell phone and interfere with the body’s biofield. There is compelling evidence, although not conclusive, that shows that when cell phones are held close to the body there is increased risk of cellular damage. (3) Microbes seem to be more sensitive and possibly damaged by EMRs. (4,5)

Some Cell Phone Radiation Safety Precautions:

Turn off the cell phone when carrying it next to the body.

Turn off the location services when not using them. With location services on, the phone is a satellite receiver.

Use the speakerphone or an ear bud when talking on the phone. Avoid holding the phone to your head.

Text or use a land line whenever possible.

Turn off the Wi-Fi Signal when not in use (nighttime especially)."


I would also like to add that there are some stones which may help absorb electromagnetic transmissions from electronics as well.  Smoky Quartz and Sodalite are two options that can potentially help offset your exposure. 




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