We to Me Series #1: Begin Again



The beginning of a new life.

The beginning of a new era.

The beginning of a new beginning.

Begin Again…


Life is a wild ride filled with lots of twists, turns and crazy characters. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected at all times because you never know when life is going to deal you a winning hand or a big-time-bust. The wins sometimes turn out to be losses in time and what may have at first glance seemed like a loss may end up surprising you with the happiness you never thought possible in the end.

The majority of the upcoming posts will contain intimate details about my life, the lives of those closest to me and the lives of the people who came into my orbit over the years. Some made a profound impact. Others a small one but if they make it onto the page, they contributed in some way to my life’s journey.

(Note: This is MY accounting and perception of events. This is in no way the whole story or full picture as perceived by those in my life. The names of the crazy characters have been changed to honor their privacy.)


So here begins my journey…hope you will come along for the ride.


It all started over 25 years ago when I met a guy at work.

I was 20 years old, attending college and working part-time. I had a bit of an unusual college experience living with my best friend and two other roommates who all went to a different college than me. I commuted into the city about 30 minutes away to attend classes at a university and drove an additional 20 minutes to work in the opposite direction from where I lived. Ah, the ill-advised things we do when we’re young. I needed the money and the job seemed pretty chill working the front desk at an organ transplant matching center.

I’d recently had some dating disappointments and decided to take a sabbatical from guys to focus on school. Ladies, that’s always the open door to someone coming in; make a decision to close it and then out of the blue, someone is going to knock that door down and life will be forever changed.

One afternoon, I was at the reception desk facing the double glass doors overlooking the elevators sitting on a quite uncomfortable office chair sorting some papers when I noticed a dapper gentleman get off the elevator.

He seemed to be in a rush and very confident as he came walking very briskly in the door. He was wearing a dark suit and a long olive green winter coat. Being that I was a college gal, he caught my eye as NONE of the guys I was spending time with dressed like that. He was also clearly a good bit older than me. Taking both of those things into account, it was a refreshing change and there was something about him that left an impression, but I didn’t really give it too much thought after that.

Fast forward a few weeks while on my way to work, I stopped by a friend’s apartment to drop off some CDs. (Yes, this was back in the days when they were considered high tech!) I am known to be rather clumsy and this particular day was no exception as I tripped on the uneven sidewalk bracing my fall with my hand.

You can imagine the outcome.

Two broken fingers. One broken in two places.

I never made it in to work that day. The following day I went in I was instructed to keep my now casted hand above my heart to reduce the swelling. So there I sat at my desk in the front of the office lobby with my left hand perched atop a stack of telephone books. (Yet another sign of the times. What on earth do people use now should they find themselves in a similar predicament?)

Of course, everyone wanted to know what happened with the dapper gentleman being one of them. I’m not sure why but I hinted at being on my own all weekend with my roommates out of town and not being able to cook for myself hoping he’d pick up on the hint and ask me out.

He didn’t.

At least not that day.


*****For those of you looking for the rest of the story, I will be sharing more in the coming months. I decided to wait a bit longer as the story is still unfolding.*****


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