Women Are Like Flowers...

Continuing the theme of supportive friendships from last week, and in honor of International Women’s Day, here’s to the gorgeous, wicked smart, big-hearted, generous, thoughtful, caring women in my life. No matter the hour, the day or what they might have on their very full plates, they ALWAYS seem to appear when I need them.

One friend in particular and I have been soul growing together.

She has been going through some personal turmoil as of late. A feeling I am all too familiar with; that feeling of chaos like things are spinning out of control. Like the train is going off the rails at 100 miles an hour and no matter what you do, you cannot stop the inevitable crash and the destruction ahead.

You can feel it coming and attempt to brace yourself to no avail, when a guardian angel in a friend’s clothing shows up to wrap her wings around you and holds you safely until the train slows down.

This is what we have done for each other. Holding space for each other to share. Calling the other out on the bullsh*t. Being a mirror for the other.

We have laughed. We have cried. We have shared intimate parts of ourselves in ways that we never thought we could…even alone in the darkness but somehow felt safe enough to bring it into the light together.

It has been magical and painful and absolutely necessary.

You’ve heard me talk about the moon cycles before. Oddly, it all began on the last new moon and it was me that was in turmoil that day. She showed up on my doorstep with a gift she had been driving around with in her car for weeks. Funny, it was new moon oil she had picked up for me as a little surprise.

The timing was beautifully appropriate.

She had no idea I was spinning. She had no idea I would cry tears of gratitude for this small bottle of oil. She had no idea that this one small action would be the launching point of a whole new dimension of our friendship.

I had no idea what she had been going through. I had no idea that she needed me as much as I needed her that day. I had no idea that we were about to embark on this journey together.

Over the course of the following weeks, we checked in daily…often several times a day. And as our lives started to unfold in surprising ways, the Universe put us together to birth a new version of ourselves with the help of the other.

We were able to see aspects of ourselves and our lives in a new light and are definitely having experiences that are like nothing we have ever experienced before. I am in awe how quickly she has moved through her pain and struggle to blossom into the gorgeous flower she was meant to be rising tall reaching for the sky to bloom brighter shining her beautiful light on me and all those around her.

What would we do without these gorgeous flowers in our lives?

I am so grateful for the women in my life.

I am so grateful for you, my Soul Sister. You know who you are. So much love.


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