Fear Is False


I was recently doing some deep transcendental work mixing numerous modalities...which I'd never done before.

It took me to some of the deepest and darkest parts of myself and it scared me. 😵

I wondered if I'd made a mistake or done something wrong.

I realized in that moment that I was given a gift. The gift of an opportunity for awareness.

An awareness that FEAR IS FALSE and that there are no mistakes in life.

What we perceive as mistakes are touchstones showing us there is another way...a better way for us to be truly in alignment with what we are here to discover and experience.

So on this Monday and everyday, remember this...
◾That the fear that may appear to rule you isn't real. It comes from a deeply embedded pain from a past wound that can no longer hurt you.
◾That you are always protected even if it sometimes doesn't feel that way. You are given what you are able to handle.
◾That you have everything you need right now for the experience you Soul came here for even if what you have doesn't seem like enough.

There's an acronym for fear...

Start this week from a place of inner power. Fear is false.
You are real. You are truth.

What are you most fearful of right now? How can you turn that fear on it's head?

Share in the comments below...we learn from one another.

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