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Spring is beginning to show itself in the DC area where I currently reside. Flowers are emerging from the earth and the trees are budding with life. The birds and animals are beginning to create their “summer” homes and the desire to be outdoors is officially upon us.

I love the spring when the flowers are blooming and offering us a bit of brightness and beauty after the barrenness of winter. It is such a joyful time with an air of new beginnings on the breeze.

While working with a beautiful client today, I was drawn to work with the Lotuswei Flower Evolution card deck which offered a perfect little hint of spring. And as such, thought it might be fun to share a few flower messages with you as well.

All of nature offers us guidance. You just need to be aware and know where to look.

I pulled 4 cards today with the intention of sharing the most powerful message with all who would read this post based on our collective energy.

Choose one of the flower images above that most resonates with you and then scroll down to see what message nature has for you today.


#1 – Jade Succulent –  

Activates: Presence

Message: Go for it!

Helps bring whatever we are shy about to the surface, recharges our chi + enhances our unique presence.


#2 – Birdsfoot Lotus –

Activate: Contentment

Message: Take charge!

Gets to the root cause of issues + helps us experience more ease, feel lighter brighter! Rather than worrying, it helps us expect the best possible outcome.


#3 – Hong Kong Orchid –

Activate: Self-acceptance

Message: Express yourself!

Encourages us to fully accept + love all parts of ourselves, particularly when we can be too hard on ourselves. It helps us feel comfortable in our own skin + at ease with the deepest essence of who we are.


#4 – Fire Star Orchid –

Activate: Wild creativity

Message: Think outside the box.

Gives us a solid foundation of courage + supports us in fearlessly expressing our creative ideas + standing behind them.


To get your own Flower Evolution deck and any flower essence products, pop on over to LOTUSWEI.com!

*All flower descriptions were taken directly from each individual Flower Evolution card.


I’d love for you to share what flower you chose and how it plays into your present day life in the comments below. We learn from one another.


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