INTERMISSION™: 3 Quick & Easy Energy Shift Techniques

🤔 Wanna shift your energy FAST?
I've got some quick and easy ways for you to do just that!

Huge gratitude to @donnaedeneem for her amazing work... Check out her book Energy Medicine! 🙌

3 Simple Strategies to Shift Your Energy:
(See video for detailed instructions)
1️⃣ Crossover Shoulder Pull
{balance and harmonize energy; clear thinking}
One hand on opposite shoulder. Dig fingertips in and drag across body diagonally a few times.
Repeat on opposite side.

2️⃣ Crown Pull
{clears mind; inspiring ;relives headaches; refreshes mind}
Finger tips at center of forehead.
Sweep out.
Finger tips on top of head.
Sweep out
Do the same on back of head and lower head/upper neck.

3️⃣ Hook Up
{calming; centering; connects 'circuits' in body}
Place middle finger of one hand on third eye in between eyebrows.
Place middle finger of other hand in belly button.
Press both finger in and pull up.
Hold for 30 seconds or longer.
You'll likely feel a shift or you'll yawn or sigh to alert you that the energies have 'hooked up'!

Hope these are helpful and remember, we learn from one another so please share with someone you ❤️!

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