INTERMISSION™ (& Beyond): Immunity Boost & Whole Body Reset Meditation - Introduction

In this challenging time, a group of us decided to come together to offer you a free tool that will provide you with an immunity boost and lessen your mental and emotional load. We are an international group of practitioners who serve our communities with transformational practices that have profoundly and positively impacted lives bringing physical and mental health and well-being to our clients.

[Meditations found at the bottom of this page.]

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible by translating this meditation into several different languages to equip and empower you with only a 15 -20 minute investment of your time daily for 21 days.

Studies of this modality, called Rapid Transformational Therapy, show an ability to grow new neurons, rewire your brain and set up your mind to systemically sustain, build and support your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Here are three keys to your success:


1. Listen. Listening to this is free guided meditation type of transformational recording will create your new mindset effectively, rapidly and consciously. Beginning this 21 day series, you are embracing this historical time and making it your very own personal opportunity to grow and evolve. (But please be sure to be somewhere comfortable and do not use this while driving or operating machinery.)


2. Learn. You are going to learn one of the easiest and fastest ways to relax and switch to the Alpha-brain wave state which is the resting state of the brain; one in which you are able to be present and calm.


3. Share. The more of us who are able to enhance our mental, emotional and physical states, the sooner the global community is able to heal and return to our lives. So we ask that you share this with those that you care about.


We – humans are the cells in the body of humanity. And this is the time when humanity needs each of us to take good care of ourselves for the sake of health and well-being of humanity. Be well!

*Do not do this meditation while driving or operating machinery.


Special acknowledgments to the international network of transformational practitioners:
Evgeniya Vakhidova, USA | Amalia Natalio, USA | Birgit Krautwedel, Germany | Carlos Andres Castillo, USA |  Asli Ipek, Germany |  Hanit Benbessat, USA | Francesco Saverio Sapio, Spain


ENGLISH Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Amalia Natalio: KarmicKindness

SPANISH Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Carlos Andres Castillo

RUSSIAN Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Evgeniya Vakhidova: Your Authenticity Lab

ITALIAN Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Francesco Saverio SapioFrancesco Saverio Sapio Hypnotherapy

HEBREW (female) Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Hanit Benbessat: Connect To Your Endless Possibilities

HEBREW (male) Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Hanit Benbessat: Connect To Your Endless Possibilities

GERMAN Immunity Boost Download, click HERE

Birgit Krautwedel


Coming Soon:
French, Turkish, Lithuanian 


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