INTERMISSION™: Calling in What You Want With Alchemy

Yesterday we talked about a #RELEASE ritual and the magic of @enchantedbotanicals candles!

Today, we're going to call in the good stuff!

I am a big believer in the alchemy of the, water, earth and air.

Fire 🔥 & Water 💦 being two that I use quite often.

The power of the elements is rooted in intention.

Calling in the Good Stuff Ritual:
🕯️Light your favorite candle.
👀Close your eyes and tune into your body.
👓Notice where you may feel a bit 'off'...where you may have some stuck energy showing up as a racing heart or flip-flop stomach for example.
💞Visualize a pink light swirling around the area(s) softening the feeling and nurturing it like a mother does for her child.
💫Now think and feel into what you'd like to call into your life this upcoming moon cycle that will offer healing support to the imbalance that presented in your body. Truly feel it as if it's already happened.
🙏Express your gratitude and blow out your candle!

We learn from one another so please share with any magic makers you know!

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