INTERMISSION™: Communication & the Art of Time

Week 5 INTERMISSION™ Journal bundle is hot of the presses with a focus on
#Communication... How we both express ourselves and how we listen.

It's a biggie and one that I hope you check out.

Having an awareness around how we may be unable to express ourselves clearly or how we may not feel safe enough to do so creates an opportunity for growth and change that can only benefit us and those around us.

As a fun way to start the week, I chose a card for the week from @colettebaron_reid Wisdom of the Oracle deck (my favorite!). The card for the week:
Tick Tock

According to the guidebook,
Essential Meanings: Timelessness; Divine Timing; immeasurable time

My interpretation flows with my video message from yesterday... Foster patience as it all unfolds in Divine timing. That all is perfect in the moment whether we like the moment or not.
What is truly ours will not go past us.
There is so much happening beyond what we see... so have some peace in the knowledge that when the time is right all will unfold beautifully.

We learn from one another 💕
Let me know how your week unfolds! Can't wait to hear all about the beauty!

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