INTERMISSION™: Earth 🌎 & Moon 🌚

Happy Earth Day 🌎
Welcome New Moon 🌚
And a little Lorax love!

You ever read Dr. Seuss' The Lorax? 📚 It was one of my favorite books...actually might have been my favorite!

I loved the colorful illustrations unlike the black and white drawings from the last 2 books I shared. 🌳I wanted to climb the truffula trees and feel their brightly colored fluffy tree tops!

Its amazing how during this time our planet is healing herself. On this Earth Day, there are real signs of that healing. It's really quite magical. 🌚 And with a new moon occurring today as well, what are you calling in for this next moon cycle?

I shared a few of mine, one being to continue showing up for you each day and creating more content that will uplift and inspire you on your journey.
And I do this from a place of love and compassion for wherever you happen to be on your journey.

Sending you so much love 💗 today...share with someone you love or the planet earth 🌎

Remember we learn from one another so share this too! 😉

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