INTERMISSION™: Embrace the High & Low

Past couple days have been spent talking about low vibe emotions like blame, shame, fear and worry.

🥺 We don't like those.
We run from those. 🏃
📺 We look for an escape route like Netflix, alcohol or drugs.
They are uncomfortable and create an imbalance within us.

⚛️ Let's play the WHAT IF Game.... What if we thought of them as a little nudge from a friend reminding us there's a part of us that needs some attention?

What if these emotions are showing up to guide us to a beautiful golden path that we would have otherwise missed if we were skipping along the well worn one?
What if leaned into the feelings of unease to learn why the feelings are there and radically accept them?

Who knows...we may learn something new about ourselves which allows us to make a different choice ultimately supporting our growth and evolution.

That sounds pretty amazing to me.

What do you think? 🏵️

What if during those times of stress and anxiety, we pause.
Take a deep breath. Maybe a few.
Recall a #F*ckYeahDay and really feel you're right back there! (Big smile at the ready!)
And say either to yourself or out loud: I radically accept where I am right now.
Say it three times to really lock it in. And do this as often as needed in the day without judgment.
You'll be amazed how the energy will shift and things will unfold.

We learn from one another....

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