INTERMISSION™: Energy Forecast for the Week + Week 13 Journal Pages

Big energetic week! We're being encouraged to dig in...with the card of the day supporting this week's energy as well!

All the #WisdomoftheOracle cards this week were in Protection which carries a slightly different energy than if they were right side up.

- WHY -
What's the why that drives your choices? Your answer will help you move towards the happiness you seek.

Take care of you and say no thank you to anyone who depletes you. Listen to the knowing within and take care of yourself.

You hold the key to the freedom you seek. Stop going round and round by taking your power to make different choices and move in a different direction. You are accountable for you.

And the #Cardoftheday...RISK IT basically supports the weekly energy by encouraging us to step out there and take a chance on our dreams. We can't lose if we just give it a go!

And if you're looking for a little support or another option for getting in touch with your inner #wisdom... here are the Journal Pages for this Week 13!

And if you'd like to revisit past weeks pages, you can get them at the following links: Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3Week 4 , Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11 and Week 12!

Remember, we learn from one another so please share with anyone you think may benefit. Xo

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