INTERMISSION™: Energy Forecast - Full Moon Eclipse + 5 Retrograde Planets

Oy! We've got A LOT of energy flowing right now!
You feeling it???

#FullMoonEclispe in Sagittarius
(Made a mistake in the video...not in Scorpio)

Thanks to James Kelleher for the following recommendations :
- Increase spiritual energy thru yoga, meditation and breath work
- Connect with water thru baths or swimming
- Creative energy connected with Sacral Chakra

Mantra: Om Adbhyo Namah

And if all that isn't enough, we also have 5 planets in retrograde right now! 😱

* Mercury (7/12)
Re-do, re-think, re-view
* Jupiter (9/12)
Seek inner truth
* Saturn (9/28)
Review and revisit past to instruct future
* Pluto (10/4)
Discover what lies beneath; in the shadows
* Neptune (11/28)
Beware of living in fantasy and lowering boundaries; seek ideal based on inner truth

This is prime time to slow down, go within, connect with nature and inner world to inform future for ourselves which will likely improve our lives as well as the lives of those around us.

How beautiful 💫🌼💫

We learn from one another. Xo

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