INTERMISSION™: Feel Better Fast!

Freebies abound today!
😀 Soulful Life: Feel Better Fast masterclass

🎧 #SoulFullSessions podcast

🌻 Flower Friday card + Joy Juice

Wanna Feel Better Fast???
I got ya covered with my 40 minute masterclass!
You can access it immediately by signing up at

I share my FASAh're going to 💗 it!
And 8 simple strategies to re-balance you and bring you back to center!

As a bonus, if you're looking for an additional boost, try @lotuswei Joy Juice elixir!
Tastes great and brings on feelings of joy (duh!), laughter, contentment & enjoying life more.

Flower Friday card for today is
Activates: Self-appreciation

Magnifies confidence and radiance
Dissolves being hard on yourself.
Message: You are beautiful. (More flower details in video. You can purchase your own Flower Evolution deck and elixir at Last but certainly not least...Soulfull Sessions episode with @amybanocy where we talk about stepping out of the Fear Zone, emotional intelligence and how to free positivity within you!

Join her for her free webinar zoom call on April 22! You can sign up at

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