INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday (Bodhi Tree)

This week's flower is actually a leaf from the Bodhi Tree!

A powerful message for us this week as this is the type of tree Buddha sat and meditated under for 7 weeks gaining enlightenment.

🌳 - BODHI TREE - 🌳
Activates: Boundless Love

Dissolves: feeling disconnected from spiritual life, feeling unsafe, fearing violence/being violent, negativity, aggression, obsession

Magnifies: devotional love, patience, accepting others as they are, tenderness, open-heartedness, softness, gentleness

Message: True love is unconditional.

Carry this love with you into the weekend, week and months ahead. Love is one of the most powerful energetic vibrations there is so let's up the vibes for ourselves and those around us. Just imagine what a tremendous impact we can make to the global community by starting with a little local love. 💟

Please share with someone you love. We learn from one another. Xo

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