INTERMISSION™: Flower Friday & Gratitude

Flower Friday and a shout out to one of my gorgeous inside and out clients who gifted me with a new card deck!

Messages from the book The Untethered Soul!
You'll see them pop in every now and again!

Huge 💖 & 🙏to you my sweet, K!

And in other card news, #FlowerFriday pick of the week from @lotuswei Flower Evolution deck...

💐 Mountain Laurel 💐
ACTIVATES: Total comfort.
DISSOLVES: tension, worry, insecurities, mental suppression, attachment
MAGNIFIES: confidence, playing big, mental freedom

MESSAGE: Let it all hang out.

It's nearly the weekend, relax.
Do something fun and frivolous.
Let it all go...even if it's for a bit.
You got this.

How are you going to use the power of the Mountain Laurel in your life?

Share with someone you love. We learn from one another. Xo

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