INTERMISSION™: Full Moon Flower Friday

🎑 It's a double duty kind of day with a #FullMoon AND #FlowerFriday! 🌺

If you wanna play in the Vedic star pool, the #fullmoon is in Scorpio. ♏

-If you feel more comfortable in the tropical, pop on over to @goldenotterdivinations for Autumn Seibel's moon magic!-

🌝 This Full Moon in Scorpio encourages us to take a look at the secretive sides of us. What's in harmony with our dreams and desires and what's not.
It's also in an area of the sky that has to do with authority. The authority we have over others and others over us.

This isn't the most beneficial time to start something new in the material/physical world; however, if you're making a change of a spiritual nature, the outcome may be positive.

Mantra: Om Indraya Namah

(Huge gratitude to James Kelleher for his breadth of Vedic astrological knowledge! Much of what I've shared comes from his wisdom.) 🙏

FLOWER FRIDAY card of the day from @lotuswei Flower Evolution deck....
Activates: Conviction

Dissolves: shyness, unworthiness, shame, lack of motivation

Magnifies: clarity, decisiveness, asking for what you want, thinking big

Message: Ask for what you want.

It's a powerhouse flower this week and a powerful full moon eclipse. Take full advantage of this energy to shine a light on those dark spaces that you've kept hidden. See what you can clear out and change going forward. Feel into where there's an imbalance with you and authority figures or vice versa.

It's time for harmony.
Doesn't that sound nice???

Please share your thoughts about this full moon and what it means to you in the comments. We learn from one another. Xo

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