INTERMISSION™: Full Moon Release & Tool to Break Free from Comparison


Feel all the feels and release the past.

This Pink Full Moon is here to shine a loving light on what's holding you back presently from the past.
It reminds me of the Heart Chakra u condition loving and supportive energy. It's the beautiful pink center of the green heart chakra (that's how I see it anyway 😊).
And it's here to lovingly support you. ❤️

❓What are you holding onto that is keeping you glued to this spot?

❓Are you able to let it go with love and forgiveness so that you can truly and fully step into who you are and who you're meant to be?!? Rose Quartz is an incredibly powerful yet gentle stone that may be wonderful stone to assist you.

Another aspect to consider is comparison.
Comparing where we are as it relates to others.
Feeling guilty or not enough because we may be feeling anxious and scared while someone else does not.
Honor where you are.
It's perfect for you and for them.
Guilt doesn't help you. It keeps you stuck.

When you find yourself falling into the chasm of comparison, you can easily pull yourself out with one of the following phrases...

  • Tend to your own business.
  • Look after yourself.
  • Tell that voice to HUSH.
  • Kuli Kuli (my favorite! Means be quiet; don't worry about what others are doing - go within. At least that's my interpretation of the phrase)

These are my top faves but I shared more in the video...take a look! 📹

What's your favorite way to shift out of comparison? Do you have a phrase that's your go-to?
Please share...we learn from one another💕

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