INTERMISSION™: Gifts from the Past

Do you remember a gift from your childhood that really meant something special to you?

I shared a book...theme this week apparently ☺️...from my dad.

We knew he loved us but he wasn't very demonstrative or verbal with his feelings.

So when he gave you something, it was a pretty big deal. 🎁

He gave me a book after a dance performance in first grade. And it meant the world to me.

I've carried with me all these years not because it's monetarily valuable but because it's value goes far beyond that.
It carries memories and love and his handwriting which I've always loved. 💖

It's priceless and irreplaceable.

Do you still have any gifts from your childhood? Items that you've packed and unpacked or stored away all these years?
What are they?
Why are they special?

I feel closer to my dad when I look at this book and can FEEL into a time that feels so long ago. A time when life felt simple and easy. When my biggest worry was dancing in front of people with a boy who squeezed my hand too hard.

I truly believe life can feel and be that way now.
We make it hard by assigning meaning to things and striving towards goals that aren't even ours.

Go back in time to when life was and felt simpler and see if there are any ways you can bring that simplicity and joy into your life now.


Flower Friday Message + Bonus Flower from Flower Evolution Deck by Lotuswei:

(Purple/Green color scheme)

Bee Balm...
Activates Hope
Dissolves distraction and tension, anguish, despair and sadness.
Magnifies lighthearted was, hope, compassion.
Message: Be still.

Arctic Lupine...
Activates deep peace.
Dissolves worry, anxiety, overwhelm, heavy heart.
Magnifies calm, comfort, peace, sense of safety and protection.
Message: You are supported.

PS... Later found out my mom bought the book and had him give it to me! 🙄 But it doesn't matter because I remember the moment he gave it to me and how it felt. Nothing can ever change that.

Share what childhood present made an impression on you and why? Because we learn from one another.

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