INTERMISSION™: Happiness Is Contagious

Inner Child, Inner Leader, F*ck Yeah Day...How can you have some fun today?

💃Dance Party anyone? (virtual or in person with those you're already bunking with 😏) 🤸‍♂️Charades? (again virtual is good!)

Be silly. Be goofy. Let loose.

Tune into your Inner Child. Let him/her guide the way.

🤟 And then, tune into your Inner Leader. That part of you that can show others the way. That part of you that brings playfulness and lightness from within you to others...bringing them a sense of happiness and joy.

Like the virus which is highly contagious, happiness and joy are contagious, too! And by bringing that sense of being into your life and others, it helps all of us. Peace within supports your health.

Happiness shared supports those around you. And before you know it, we will all be happy and healthy...having more #F*ckYeahDays than not!

What do you call those days when everything goes right? When you are firing on all cylinders...when you are in the flow...when everything falls into place easily...when you are operating from full out joy and loving every minute of it???

Please share in the comments because we learn from one another... Here's to having loads of F*ck Yeah Days or (insert the name of your version) and most especially, here's to YOU for showing up each day!

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