INTERMISSION™: Happy Receptivity & Gratitude

This week already feels lighter than last week did with several planets going retrograde and a new moon.

With today being a holiday, even a somber one, it allows us to 'play' a bit today and offers a shorter week for some.
Wisdom of the Oracle cards have a lighthearted message for us this week:
- Happy Happy - (protection)
Childlike playfulness and lightness; finding happiness in simple pleasures

- Yin -
Lean into the feminine; soft receptivity; allowing life to unfold and being ready to receive it

Be playful and silly this week allowing the Universe to work on your behalf creating miracles. Lean into the softness if the feminine and graciously receive what the Universe has to offer.


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And finally, 🙏Gratitude this Memorial Day🙏 to those who've served us and our country...keeping us safe and liberated.

Remember, we learn from one another...xo

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