INTERMISSION™: Happy Siblings Day & Flower Power

Whether you have siblings by birth, marriage or by choice, share a little 💜.

Reflect on those in your life you consider a brother or sister...why do you feel that way? What do they bring to your life? And what do you bring to theirs?

💟 my siblings for all the joy, lessons (some easy, some not), laughs, love, support, guidance and memories! I cherish you. I am so incredibly grateful for your presence in my life.

I've heard you say that I bring creativity and organization to the family when it comes to getting sh*t done :) And I am "the glue" that holds us together. That's a tough one to receive because I often don't feel that I'm doing much but I do love to talk 😅and that seems to keep everyone connected!

Speaking of receiving, the Flower Friday card for today is Papaya Flower! Highlights of this flower: Ability to receive & collaborate "Balance masc & fem aspects Compatibility within relationships Dissolves hardness of character, envy, or refusal to accept help" Msg: "Gentle is powerful."

A shout out 📣 to @lotuswei for the amazing Flower Evolution deck featured and for the incredibly powerful products they offer! I am partial to the elixirs and sprays...more to come on that soon!

🙏 And last but definitely not least, my love and gratitude to Evigenya Vakhidova for her friendship and her beautiful voice on the Russian version of the #ImmunityBodyBoost meditation! Check her out @your_authenticity_lab |


⚠️Give your sib a shout out here... We learn from one another.

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