INTERMISSION™: High Vibe Emotions & Flower Friday

We're moving on up the emotional ladder with #kindness, #love and #peace.

🤗Kindness being a place where compassionate, interconnected action springs forth.

♥️Love as a way of being that facilitates healing and transforms life...empowering us and those around us.

✌️Peace being a state of no conflict, absence of negativity and inner quiet.

Love emanates from the heart.
The heart KNOWS.
The mind THINKS.

Tapping into the heart...the center of our being. The heart center is the bridge between our connection to a higher power and our earthly selves.
I envision this energy center as a brilliant green with a pink center similar to the #FlowerFriday card for today from @lotuswei Flower Evolution deck!

Hong Kong Orchid
Activates: self-acceptance
Dissolves: holding back aspects of yourself and being hard on yourself
Magnifies: full expression on who you are, feeling comfortable with yourself, self-love + appreciation

Remember we learn from one another.... Xo

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