INTERMISSION™: How to Let Go...value & assert yourself

Wanna release tension and let go of energy that's not benefiting you?

👆 Ksepana mudra is the answer!
It's referred to as the pouring out or letting go mudra.

Sit or lie down. Keep arms relaxed.
Pointer fingers touching.
Clasp other 3 fingers together and interlock thumbs in that soft part of hand.
Rest hands on thighs.
Breathe in and out 7 - 15 times. Sighing out on the exhale a few times for further release.

*Don't overdo it though as good energy can escape too and we don't want that! (Watch video for detailed instructions..easier to see 🙄)

This mudra supports eliminating what's not serving you physically through digestion in large intestine, skin (perspiration) and lungs (exhalation).

🤪 Oops, forgot to mention that in the video! That's a biggie right now!

It also allows negative energy we take on from outside sources to be released.

Card today speaks of valuing yourself and the Be Happy book excerpt spoke of asserting yourself.

👍Both are beneficial for different reasons.
By valuing yourself, you're better able to assert yourself.
And thus bring value to the world.

⭕ See the full circle effect?
That's a simple example of a karma on a small scale.


We learn from one another...share how this mudra has offered you a sense of letting go and what other practices do you use to support letting go or releasing what doesn't serve your highest good?


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