INTERMISSION™: Journal Pages (Week 5)

Holy Guacamole...Week 5 is on deck!  

This week our focus is on how we COMMUNICATE!

Communication is a biggie and a time for radical honesty. 
No one will see this but you so you can get real with yourself.
How we both share AND listen are important parts of the communication equation.
In order to communicate effectively and compassionately, there needs to be an awareness around how we engage with others, express ourselves and receive their expressions to us.

Click HERE for your INTERMISSION: Week 5 bundle.

You can print out the pages or fill in and save in the editable PDF format.

The INTERMISSION journal pages can be used in addition to your regular journaling practice if you have one...pop these in whenever you feel inspired to change it up a bit. 

I've created 5 days to cover Monday thru Friday. If you'd like to continue this journaling practice over the weekend, use the back of the 5th day to write about the following (or whatever strikes your fancy)...What is my intention for today? What brings me joy? What am I grateful for?

And if you are printing...keep it green and print double sided if possible. :) 

If you're new to INTERMISSION Journaling, here are links to Week 1 , Week 2 , Week 3 and Week 4!

Please share with anyone you think may benefit or enjoy these pages...and leave a comment below with your biggest takeaways from the week! Remember, we all learn from one another.

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