INTERMISSION™: Lessons from the University of Life & Flower Friday

One of my teachers told me that "Life is your curriculum." 🏛️Intellectually I understood what he meant but I didn't really get it or feel it until much later when it all clicked.

It clicked because I learned the lesson(s) and realized that I was able to move into my true path. 🤟 I navigated the turbulent waters of releasing a marriage that was no longer working and establishing the most beautiful relationship with myself. It was not easy but necessary and so incredibly worth it!

❓So my query for you today is... What if your University of Life is teaching you something about yourself right now?
Are you going to pay attention in 'class' and learn what it's teaching you so you can get to the other side of shore?

There's beauty on the journey but there's magic when you arrive. 🦄 And don't forget, Pink Spirea for joy, laughter and lightness. Let your inner child play and have some fun today!

Please share because as I always say, we learn from one another.

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