INTERMISSION™: Light & Dark Side of Your Moon Sign

We're be bopping back and forth from light to dark today with the aspects of each moon sign.

Buckle up! ♈ Energetic/Impulsive
♉ Affectionate/Possessive
♊ Charming/Superficial
♋ Imaginative/Moody
♌ Exuberant/Self-indulgent
♍ Steadfast/Critical
♎ Adaptable/Dependent
♏ Ambitious/Obstinate
♐ Adventurous/Restless
♑ Committed/Overexacting
♒ Idealistic/Unpredictable
♓ Compassionate/Indecisive

How do these feel?
Do they resonate with your inner self?

We learn from one another. Xo

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