INTERMISSION™: Love is Healing

Something happened this morning that hasn't happened in all the weeks of coming to you each morning.

I woke with NO inspiration for what to talk about!
Zero ideas.

I grabbed my coffee ☕ (because you know I can't even begin to think without it!) and decided to sit on my balcony and read for a bit hoping inspiration would come.

Nothing from the book inspired me BUT I was inspired to get the book Journey to the Heart off my bookshelf...turned to a page at random and there it was...inspiration!

The passage I shared today spoke of how we are all healers because we are able to and are love.

Love is Healing.

So no matter your profession, you are a healer. A healer of self and others by showing and expressing your love.

Accept who you are, where you are and go forth today in l❤️ve.

We learn from one another...share the 💙.

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