INTERMISSION™: Mental Mercury

Well, Mercury went fully on retrograde yesterday.

You feeling it??? 🤔

Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication...all things mental.

It also affects travel/transportation and technology so back up those files and have patience when traveling!

Where's your Mercury in your natal chart?
Once you locate your Mercurial sign, take a peek at the energies below to see how Mercury plays into your astrological make up. ♈ Aries - witty, outspoken
♉ Taurus - practical, stable
♊ Gemini - versatile with worldly interests ♋ Cancer - sensitive, 6th sense activated
♌ Leo - leader, magnetic
♍ Virgo - analytical mind
♎ Libra - balance b/w mind and action
♏ Scorpio - investigative, fight for cause
♐ Sagittarius - quick, to the point
♑ Capricorn - ambitious, methodical
♒ Aquarius - clever, inventive
♓ Pisces - imaginative, creative

With Mercury appearing to move backwards on the sky, it's encouraging us to take a look at the past and our patterns that may no longer serve us. It's a time for review and regeneration.

I'd love to hear from you... What areas of your life need a lil review?
We learn from one another. Xo

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