INTERMISSION™: Monday Message & Week 9 Journal Pages

Whoa...what a weekend!

I went on a deep inner journey and man, did some stuff show up...feel like I'm still working thru it. Lots of personal planets are retrograde bringing up quite a bit of 'stuff' for us to look at.  

Saturn is connected to time...asking us to look at what was.

Jupiter is abundance, joy and anticipation of future...encouraging us to reconsider what will be.

And Venus is about love and beauty...telling us to pause, slow down and consider our power; leading with love. 

Talking with others it seems, even if they didn't do deep inner work on purpose, they ended up doing a bit anyway because of the retrograde planets I mentioned.

And the #WisdomoftheOracle cards for this week are in sync with that theme.
(protection) "Stumbling forward is better than holding back. Don't overthink things or let yourself get distracted - just tie up any loose ends and deliver the results. Don't quit before the finish line. Spirit wants you to win.

- A LEG UP -
Are you always insisting on doing everything yourself? Do you have little faith that help will come, convinced that the burden of the world is doomed to remain in your shoulders? Let others help you. Yes, it will make you feel vulnerable to admit you need a helping hand. You can't "do life" all by yourself.

❓ What in your life is unfinished?
❓ Where can you shift and perhaps ask for help?

Remember, we learn from one another and I'm happy to offer you a helping hand! Xo

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