Patience is a virtue.
One of Aristotle's 12 Virtues.
And a basis for Stoicism.

Seems we've got a theme going... Perhaps this is the start of Stoic Sunday!
Fun facts...
🔸Synonym of patience is stoic.
🔸Patience comes from Latin root 'pati' which means suffering.

The definition of patience includes the words tolerate, delay, trouble, suffering, angry, upset, bearing pains, complaint. 🥵High ICK factor if you ask me.

How about a reframe and a little game of What If? ❇️ ❔What if we looked at patience as all being perfect in the moment because whatever we're waiting for will arrive at just the right time and if it doesn't, it wasn't meant for us to begin with? ❔What if we felt into patience with a sense of faith and trust? (Two other biggies that we'll likely talk about later!) ❔What if we gave ourselves permission to feel impatient without lingering or wallowing in it? To recognize the feelings, acknowledge them and then lean into the feelings of faith and trust that all is unfolding in just the right time in just the right way.

Doesn't that feel lighter and freer and so much better?

We learn from one another.
You got this, Mr/Ms. Patient!

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