INTERMISSION™: Relationship Questions...looking for a direction


If you're just now discovering these insight sheets, please do the first two sets first. They follow a specific order for a better sense of clarity and relationship understanding.

Soulful Life: Relationships - Where We Began

Soulful Life: Relationships - Where We Are Now

And we are in the home stretch of the relationship series with Soulful Life: Relationships - Where We Are Going

Download the PDF...can fill it in digitally or print. (Printing on both sides recommended to give Mother Earth a little love!)

⚠️ Vulnerability Alert ⚠

I always speak from the heart when sharing with you each morning but today is a little different.

I'm always in awe of the way the Universe works. Somehow the timing is always perfect especially when we aren't attempting to control it.

I began sharing the Soulful Life: Relationship insight sheets 3 Thursdays ago and the final installment of the series, Where We Are Going is out today! (You can find it at on my blog)
And today also happens to be what would have been my 26th wedding anniversary.

Pretty wild, huh?

Obviously, you already know which direction we took but how interesting that here you are possibly embarking on your own personal pivot point on this day.
(Try saying that fast three times! 😂) Even if you ultimately end up going in different directions, you have a choice in your 'mode of transportation'. What I mean by that can choose to navigate your disentanglement with the gentleness of a boat coasting along the shore or you can go by bulldozer and dismantle it all.

I personally prefer the gentle and loving approach... where you're able to lovingly let them and the relationship go.
An approach that offers the other freedom to be all they are meant to be.
An approach of gratitude for the time shared together knowing that the time was perfect even in its imperfection.

So on this day, I honor my not-anymore-husband for the gifts he brought to me, for the lessons I learned from him and our time together, for the laughter and the tears because without them I wouldn't be who I am today and most of all for the four brilliant, gorgeous souls we were lucky enough to parent who were gifted to us by a power far greater than we could possibly understand and who knew best by bringing us together in the first place. ❤️
With love and gratitude.

Please share with anyone who may need this today... We learn from one another. 

Next week we're going to take a look at's gonna get interesting!
Are you ready??
I know you've got this!

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