Whoa...what a power punch of a week!

Did it feel like that for you?? 🌝 The full moon was over a week ago but it's always a good time to #release what's not serving you.
And with the new moon next week, let's clear out the gunk and make room for some magical blessings.

🕯️I'm doing just that with @enchantedbotanicals RELEASE candle!

(You can get one at Enchanted-botanicals.com)

Its gorgeous, smells divine and is filled with magical ingredients to support your process of releasing what may have come up particularly this past week...at least for me. :)

My Release Ritual:
Get quiet.
Light Release candle.
Write out in as much detail what I am releasing from my life.
Take paper, candle and bowl of water outside.
Light paper on fire and release the ashes into the air for transmutation.

Please be safe and smart with fire🔥.

Fun facts:
🕯️22 ingredients in Release candle
🌚 New Moon is on 22 of April
🔯 Our Souls consist of 22 energies based on Numerology of Moses

Pretty wild stuff! And seems to me to be a beautiful message for us to prepare for some new to come in!

Watch video for card of the day and post of the day synchronistic messages.
Pretty cool 😎 stuff!

We learn from one another so please share with someone you know who may have sh*t to release... 😜


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