How many of you tend to launch a defensive attack when you feel someone has wronged you? ✋ Um, yeah. Me too.

It was very much a part life when my marriage was falling apart.

He would say or do something that I perceived as an attack or caused pain within me and I'd react immediately from that place of pain which then led to a bigger conflict that was often left unresolved.

Had I taken a moment to breathe and look at WHY I was feeling what I was feeling and RESPOND from that place instead of reacting, I'd likely have seen that oftentimes it had little to do with him and more to do with a wound within me that needed some love and attention.

If we're able to see that relationships are our mirrors and make a conscious choice to take responsibility for how we respond in those moments when we're emotionally stirred up, we'd likely not escalate a small disagreement into an all out war! 🤯

Give it a try next time someone upsets you.
See if you're able to take a breath and respond instead of reacting from a place of pain inside yourself.
You may be pleasantly surprised how empowering it feels to change the pattern.

Let me know how it goes... We learn from one another. Xo


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