INTERMISSION™: Shifting Perspective


Seems as if new restrictions on our 'normal' lives appear every day. How do we navigate the emotions they bring up when things we rely on for our well-being and connection are temporarily removed?

If we take a moment to shift our perspective and look at it from another angle, we're likely to find alternatives or hidden gifts in what perceive as challenges.

I mentioned the pool closing in my community as an example. Many who live here rely on that space for exercise and connection. It's been a place over the past few weeks where folks have been able to 'escape' for a bit and have life feel 'normal'. Now they along with all of us for differing reasons are looking for another approach, another way of 'being' during this time when we have no idea what's to come.

One thing is for sure, there will come a time when we're looking at this from our rear view mirror. Where this time will be behind us and how we navigated it will define who we are when we show up there. ❓Who would you like to be? ❓How can you shift your perspective now to become him/her?

Would love to hear your answers to the questions above so please leave a comment below!

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