INTERMISSION™: SoulFull Sessions- Mindful Men Series - Episode 2 w/Frank Daly


📣 A new episode of SoulFull Sessions - Special Edition Series...Mindful Men!

This episode's guest is Frank Daly...a wellness coach, public speaker and author who has transformed lives for over 15 years with his ability to enable his clients to see beyond the immediate drama of life and connect to the greater whole. Frank's recent publication, Enjoy the Ride, provides a simple and straight-forward explanation of how to use our inner guidance system to reach goals and live a more choice-driven life of joy.


I interviewed men from different age groups...60's, 50's, 40's, 30's & 20's...asking them what mindfulness means to them.

We also talk about how they are able to tune into their Soul and how masculine and feminine qualities interplay in our lives regardless of how we identify ourselves.

It's a fascinating look at the way men think and what they believe about tuning into their Soul's wisdom and the rituals/practices they use.

Please take a listen! 

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