INTERMISSION™: SoulFull Sessions- Mindful Men Series - Episode 4 w/John Stahl


📣 Are you ready for the latest installment of SoulFull Sessions - Mindful Men series???

My guest this episode is John Stahl who, according to his own words, "has reached his third decade of life only to find the constant existential dread will not abate for a treacherous soul like his. He works as an independent business strategist, leading others to growth and satisfaction while he continues to seek for the very same thing."

You will be riveted by his take on life as a 30-something guy living in South Florida who is both a businessman and a spiritual explorer.


I interviewed men from different age groups...60's, 50's, 40's, 30's & 20's...asking them what mindfulness means to them.

We also talk about how they are able to tune into their Soul and how masculine and feminine qualities interplay in our lives regardless of how we identify ourselves.

It's a fascinating look at the way men think and what they believe about tuning into their Soul's wisdom and the rituals/practices they use.

Please take a listen! 

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