INTERMISSION™: Stones for Energetic Support & Cards for Clarity


Stones and crystals have been a go-to energetic support for me since I was a teenager even though at the time I didn't have a real understanding of the power they held.

I now have a deep respect for them, for how they are created in the earth and sometimes sourced from the depths of the ocean. They are beautiful power houses that we are fortunate enough to be able to tap into for a boost when we need it by looking at them, holding them and setting an intention for healing for example.

🌹Rose Quartz is phenomenal for unconditional love for another but most especially for yourself. It's a great stone to use when you're grieving as it supports your heart. It may be the loss of someone you loved or the loss of a job or dream you had.

♠️Apache Tears is a stone of detox and clearing. It's fabulous for clearing out any energies that don't belong to what we may take on from others particularly right now and protects us, too.

🀄 If you're looking for clarity and would like to give cards a try, here's a list of the ones I've used so far:
The Perfect Calm Deck
The Relax Deck
Postcards from Spirit
Flower Evolution Card Deck
Wisdom of the Oracle (my fave)

Stone/Crystal Source: Healing Crystals has a wide variety of stones. The staff is super knowledgeable and happy to assist you in any way they can! You can order online or go to their showroom if you live in the DC Metro area.

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We learn from one another. Share in the comments, what stones you love to use and why? :)

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