Raise your 🖐️ if you've ever participated in The Blame Game!

It's easy to play and before you know it, you're fired up and ready to rumble.

In David Hawkins book, Letting Go, he talks about blame being "the world's greatest excuse. It enables us to remain limited and small without feeling guilty. But there is a cost - the loss of our freedom." What does he mean by that?

Taking on the role of the victim whereby the other person is to blame robs you of your power... Your power to choose another approach or perspective and your power to move beyond the limiting beliefs that someone has to be to blame in the first place.

View this interaction, this moment where you're feeling victimized or triggered to go within. To see what's happening within you. 👀 Take a few breaths and ask yourself:
What am I feeling?
Why is this coming up?
Can I let this go?

You'll learn a lot and if you're able to let it go, you may save yourself some serious emotional energy that can be used elsewhere for some fun perhaps. ⚡

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Stay tuned for more emotional real talk and please share with someone you love... We learn from one another.

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