INTERMISSION™: The Giving Tree

The inside of the front cover sums up this book quite eloquently. " of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love." Are you able to receive compliments?

A compliment is a gift from another to you.

Would you say no thanks if they were handing you a beautifully wrapped gift?
Likely not.

📚 The Giving Tree is the epitome of giving graciously and receiving with the love in which the gift was given...another favorite book of mine as a young girl. I'm not completely sure why but there was something about the love of the tree for the boy feeling profound.

🌳 The tree was the most devoted friend to the boy. Giving up all for him with love.
The tree was patient and loving and kind.
The boy came back again and again taking what the tree offered until all that was left was a place to sit and rest on its stump.
And in that simplicity, the tree was happy. 💜
We make life complicated.

What if we reflected on the simplicity of life as a child...on the simple things that brought us joy and feelings of aliveness?

Who knows, we may remember what it felt like to live and love freely without all the stories and expectations of others.

🏃‍♂️To be unabashedly happy in the moment, running in the grass, riding our bikes, exploring the forest and imagining all the adventures unfolding before us.

What's your fondest childhood memory? What were you doing? Who were you with?

We learn from one another.

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