INTERMISSION™: The Light & Dark Side of the Moon

This week we're getting to know the Moon 🎑 !

Your #moonsign is the aspect of you that relates to your inner world. The part of you that you may keep hidden. It's the part of you that feels and those feelings can be full of joy and pleasure or csn be fearful and jealous.

The light and bright part of you like with the full moon 🌕 and the dark, shadowy part of you like the new moon 🌑.

✴️ Your moon sign is based on the constellation the moon was located in at the time of your birth.

I went a bit more deeply into each sign in the video but here's a quick one word recap for each sign...
♈ Aries - outspoken
♉ Taurus - sensitive
♊ Gemini - imaginative
♋ Cancer - charismatic
♌ Leo - dignified                                                                                                 

♍ Virgo - intelligent

♎ Libra - charming
♏ Scorpio - self-reliant
♐ Sagittarius - humanitarian
♑ Capricorn - persistent

♒ Aquarius - independent
♓ Pisces - sympathetic

Do these descriptions resonate with you?
These are only related to your moon and there are 8 planets along with the sun that also influence who you are! 🌟

I'd love to hear from you. Does your moon sign feel like it 'fits' you? Why or why not?

Please share in the comments below... We learn from one another. Xo

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