INTERMISSION™: The Missing Piece


The Missing Piece was one of my favorite books growing up. I loved the simplicity of the illustrations and something about the story made me feel happy. It was an adventure.

What's interesting is that I read it again as an a day ago 😂...and realized that the story was so much deeper than the brevity of words and simple illustrations. It's a story of us. Of life.

🤸‍♀️ A journey of adventure and discovery we all embark on. Searching for that person/thing we think will complete us not realizing that we don't need a person/thing to do that because we're already complete and whole as we are. It's important for us to learn and grow and experience life on our own. And when the time is right for another 'piece' to join us, we'll have more adventures while also knowing that we're perfectly happy to have them on our own, too.

📝 So this week, the INTERMISSION Journal Pages are about CHILDHOOD when life was simple and free. (You can download them HERE.)

Let's explore aspects of time when you were 5-12 years old. When we go back to visit those days, really feel into it. See yourself there again. Experience it all over again. I guarantee it will put a big smile on your face! 😀

📚 And remember we learn from one another... What was your favorite book growing up?? Share in the comments below.

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My favorite book, was called “little witch.” My friend, Colleen, and I, must have read it at least 10 times each. I guess we were not that “deep.“ ☺️
Sent her a copy of it for her 60th birthday as a little bit of love to pass back to her. my parents took me to the library where a very old librarian, named Miss Francis, helped me choose my first “adult“ book. It was the story of Helen Keller. Went on to read several more books about her over the years. miss Francis this love of reading to me, for which I am still grateful. I think of her sometimes and wish I could thank her for what gave me A wonderful start in reading, spelling, grammar, language, etc. Colleen and I read voraciously as children. Didn’t hear of Shel Silverstein until from R. but never got around to reading one. Lost my copy of the old fashion Winnie the Pooh book. Think I will order the missing piece and replace my poop book as well. Readers digest does not lull me to sleep. Have tried a lot of things to help me fall asleep including the reading of children’s stories on YouTubehave tried a lot of things to help me fall asleep including the reading of children’s stories on YouTube, but hadn’t thought of getting a couple of these books, so thanks for the suggestion! 💚

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