INTERMISSION™: Top 3 Dream Symbols & What They Mean


What are your dreams telling you?

💭 Dreams are gateways into the subconscious and the quantum field. They allow us to 'tune in' to the infinite possibilities that exist as well as help us process what's happening in our minds and our physical reality. 📕 Keeping a dream journal is the best way to tap into and understand the information being presented to you.

Before I share the top 3 Dream Symbols, a little 💕 for Hanit Benbassat the soothing voice behind the Hebrew translation of the #ImmunityBodyBoost meditation.
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Now back to dreams.
1️⃣ Transportation
(cars, planes, trains, busses, etc)
Transformation, transition, movement in life

2️⃣ Water
Flow with life, emotions, inner world, sexual energy

3️⃣ Stairs
(Note if you're going up or down the stairs)
Movement in life based on inner world expressed through outer world.
Ascending and connection to higher power/Divine
Descending and connection to inner self

Don't forget to grab your weekly INTERMISSION Journal Theme this week is #abundance

Which of these themes shows up in your dreams most often?

We learn from one another.
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