INTERMISSION™: Wednesday Wisdom - Amor Fati (Love your Fate)

Amor Fati... Love your Fate.

How do you feel when reading those words?
Resistance. Comfort. Ease.

We still find ourselves in this Intermission period of time between Acts I and II. And while life is beginning to open up a bit, there's still loads of uncertainty.

Everyone has been affected in one way or another.

If your life is not feeling great right now and the uncertainty is beginning to or continuing to feel quite heavy, the thought of Amor Fati was likely met with resistance and perhaps annoyance.
But here's the thing, you're not quite ready for what fate has in store for you... Yet.
The opportunity you're looking for isn't quite ready either. Otherwise, like magents, you'd be drawn together.

So if you're able to radically accept where you are now, love your life as it is right now and know that when the time is right, your life will unfold in the most perfect way for you. ❤️ We learn from one another. Xo



Amalia, how do I find the part to read? You said “check out my story,” I’m confused … you know I’m such a technological genius …


Perfect, perfect. Thank you!!!!

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