INTERMISSION™: Wednesday Wisdom - Vulnerability & Stoicism

How about a little #stoicism with a side order of #vulnerability?

I usually do the relationship deep dive on Thursdays but it's been so in my awareness the last few days that it's now crept into my messages to you a day early.

This quote by Epicetus struck me as an interesting launching off point for today.... “Above all, keep a close watch on this — that you are never so tied to your former acquaintances and friends that you are pulled down to their level. If you don’t, you’ll be ruined. … You must choose whether to be loved by these friends and remain the same person, or to become a better person at the cost of those friends … if you try to have it both ways you will neither make progress nor keep what you once had.”
— Epictetus

Now, I realize the language is a bit harsh yet the essence of it is quite profound.

My interpretation is on our path of growth and evolution, there will be people that we may leave behind.
And that's OK.
They were in our lives for a reason and/or purpose that's now been fulfilled.

We're here to learn and to grow and to expand.

I'm not saying that everyone from your past needs to be let go of. Simply saying that the relationship dynamic with some in our lives may shift and change over time and that's A-OK.

Part of the discernment process of letting go depends on how safe you feel with them.
Are you able to be vulnerable?
Are you able to share your deepest fears and know they will remain?
Are you able to express your feelings and feel heard and loved?

If the answer is no to any of those questions, then it may be re-evaluation time.

Are there any relationships in your life that you feel you have to be someone you're not or put up a facade?

Be #radicallyhonest.
You'll be glad you did.
Because chances are, you didn't even realize how much energy this relationship was taking from you until it's gone.
And now you have that energy back to use for something that really lights up your heart and soul.

We learn from one another. Xo

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