INTERMISSION™: What Is Joy & How Can You Bring More Into Your Life?


Three simple letters that are so much more than the sum of its parts.

What does Joy mean to you?

I had a virtual happy hour with some girlfriends last night and we got to talking about this.

It made me think.

Joy is kinda like love.
We all have different definitions yet we all come to the same place...feeling of expansiveness and lightness of being.
That feeling you get when a genuine smile appears on your face and is emanating from the deepest part of you. 😍

Joy can come in many forms...a sweet moment witnessed, a perfect day unfolding without effort or an hour of bliss created with purpose.

So how do we create a fertile ground for #joy to take root?

Be open to it. There's no pushing or pulling. Only allowing.
Be grateful for those joyful moments when they arise as more are on the way.

Trust yourself and allow life to lead the way because there are infinite joyful moments waiting for you... If you're taking part in my INTERMISSION™ journal series, you know one of the prompts is writing out a Joy Juice activity that you're gonna do each day to bring in more joy.
It can be as simple as... I'm drinking my coffee outside while watching the birds and enjoying the beauty of the trees and flowers blooming.

It doesn't have to be grand. It only has to spark the joy within you. ❤️

(You can get Weeks 1-5 of the journal pages HERE.)

Share the joy...we learn from one another.

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