INTERMISSION™: You Are Stronger Than You Know


My mom sent me the card I share in the video a few months back before I lived to Florida while I was going through a very emotional time. ⏰ It was a time similar to now from an emotional standpoint. A time when all felt heavy and scary...actually terrifying.

My marriage had come to a close but we were still co-habitating and co-parenting which was a gift but also a challenge. I had some big decisions to make about my future...none of which were clear and the answers eluded me; until I tapped into my inner strength, allowed myself to dream big and reminded myself how loved I was.

It gave me the opportunity to also find love for myself which has been the greatest gift of all.

So today, please tap into💪YOUR STRENGTH, allow yourself to💡DREAM BIG, and know 💟 YOU ARE LOVED. *FREE MEDITATION DOWNLOAD for Immunity Boost and Whole Body Reset

We learn from one another.
Please share this with someone you love...and if you feel inclined, leave me a note below about how you are believing in and loving yourself!

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