INTERMISSION™: Your Relationship With the Moon

I know today is Relationship Thursday and I said I'd be sharing insight sheets all about YOU....
But the Universe had a different plan for us today!

🌝 There is a Full Moon today and it felt like a perfect day to talk about the moon and how you can nurture a relationship with La Luna. 🎑

Just like the moon affecting the tides, she also affects us in the same way being that we're mostly water.

Each time the moon shifts into a new constellation, the energy shifts. We shift.

With each constellation there is a different energy.
Right now, we're in Libra...all about balance.
We'll soon be moving into Scorpio...all about desire.

(*I follow the Jyotish (Vedic) system...bit different from Tropical so the constellations I refer to will not necessarily be the same as what you'll see elsewhere.) So as the moon moves, our moods change and move along with her.

How can we develop a deeper connection with the moon?
By paying attention to her cycles and how they pertain to us.

How do we feel each day?
Notice the patterns. Make conscious choices to shift them based on what feels good.

Allow your relationship with the moon to grow and expand as you do and you'll find its easier than you thought it would be.

Remember we learn from one another so please share with anyone who's interested in the moon... And let me know what sort of relationship you have with that beautiful, powerful, energetic rock in the sky! .

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